Pigment Violet 37

Generally weaker in most media and with a much redder shade than Pigment Violet 23, its use is restricted to more specialized applications. Within the printing ink industry its main application is in metal deco printing. It is used also to a sig­nificant extent in packaging inks (nitrocellulose), where it exhibits high tinctorial strength and excellent gloss. Its fastness properties in application equal those of Pigment Violet 23.

Pigment Violet 37 also exhibits a considerably more reddish shade and reduced tinctorial strength in paints compared to Pigment Violet 23, with equivalent fast­ness properties.

Similar observations apply to its coloristic and fastness properties in polymers. However, in plasticized PVC it has the advantage of being almost entirely fast to migration. Like Pigment Violet 23 it dissolves to some extent in polymers; there­fore much of its heat stability is lost as the white pigment concentration in a sys­tem is increased.

For more comprehensive information it should be noted that the relative prop­erties and applications of Pigment Violet 23 and Pigment Violet 37 have been described authoritatively in a recent text on pigments [10].


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