The foremost objective of operative dentistry is the durable placement of restoratives and the seating of restorations and prosthetic appliances with minimal loss of healthy tooth






BPDM substance. With the realization that adhesion technology can be a powerful ally in this endeavor, advanced bonding techniques have in recent years been placed in ever-increas­ing numbers at the clinician’s disposal in an effort to approach, and ultimately attain, this goal. Promising results are evident particularly in the design of bonding techniques per­mitting enhanced retention of composite restoratives to the enamel and dentinal phases of the tooth substance. Progress is also apparent in the development of adhesive systems allowing for the simplified and more efficacious attachment of bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers to the tooth structure. Emphasis in future development work will focus less on the achievement of ever-greater bond strengths than on perfection of adhesion in terms of complete surface wetting, absence of interfacial microleakage with associated cariogenic factors, and enhanced durability of both the adhesive interface and the restorative adherend.

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