Working characteristics

Application. The adhesive should be capable of being applied readily to both concrete and treated steel surfaces in layers from 1 to 10 mm thick, to allow for concrete surface irregularities. Proprietory dispensing equipment is available to facilitate correct metering and mixing of the adhesive.

Usable life. The usable life of the mixed adhesive before application to the substrate should be not less than 40 minutes at 20 °С; that is, the viscosity should not rise above 150 Pa within this time.

Open time. The open time starts when the adhesive has been applied to the parts to be joined, and it represents the time limit during which the joint has to be closed. It should be not less than 20 minutes at a temperature up to 20 °С.

Storage life. The storage (or shelf) life of both the resin and hardener should be not less than six months in original containers

at 5°-25 °С.

Curing time and temperature. The adhesive should be capable of curing to the required strength at temperatures between 10 °С and 30 °С in relative humidities up to 95%. For applications involving repair or strengthening, the adhesive should cure sufficiently to confer the specified mechanical properties at 20 °С in not more than three days. In new construction, this time period may be extended to seven days. The adhesive should undergo negligible shrinkage on cure.

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