Treatment of Textiles for Rubber Reinforcement

Fiber-reinforced rubber composites rely upon three systems: (i) reinforcement textiles; (ii) adhesive systems used to treat textiles to make them bondable to rubber; and (iii) rubber. Reinforcement Fibers

Inorganic fibers, organic fibers and metal fibers are well suited reinforcements for elastomer composites, and may be either threads or planelike structures. Filament yarn is used for power transmission in one preferred direction (e. g. textile reinforce­ment in V-belts), whereas planelike structures (fabrics, knittings, metal parts) are employed for two-dimensional power transmission (conveyor belts, hoses) or to confine elongation (air-spring assemblies, tires).

Fibers and yarns are sensitive to compression and shear forces, and shall only be subjected to tensile loading. To this end, covulcanization of the reinforcement with the matrix takes place under prestressed conditions.

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