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The Chemistry of Dioxazine Pigments

Dioxazine pigments are represented by the general structure 2: High Performance Pigments. Edited by Edwin B. Faulkner and Russell J. Schwartz Copyright © 2009 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim ISBN: 978-3-527-31405-8 The technically important pigments possess the substitution pattern displayed in the general structure. Typically, A represents an acetylamino or a benzoylamino group, […]

Dioxazine Violet Pigments

Terence Chamberlain 12.1 Introduction The general class of compounds known as dioxazines, or more systematically as triphenodioxazines, exhibit colors ranging from yellow to violet, in the solid state, as a manifestation of their respective chemical and crystallographic structures [1]. The class is characterized by the parent of the series 1, a condensed pentacyclic structure in […]

Nonconventional Applications

Since its discovery more than 30 years ago, the DPP chromophore has been studied intensively by the scientific community and a lot of (potential) application areas for DPPs have been reported for both its pigment forms as well as for soluble derivatives. One of the major nonclassical commercial applications for DPP pigments is surely in […]

DPP-Quinacridone Solid Solutions

Two types of DPP-quinacridone solid-solution pigments are available on the mar­ket. One is a yellowish, very transparent red for metallic and effect finishes with an unusual flop behavior. The durability in organic systems is good. The other type is a bluish shade transparent red for effect shades. Specific information about properties and applications of individual […]

C. I. Pigment Orange 73

C. I. Pigment Orange. 73 is a brilliant medium shade orange with outstanding chroma, medium opacity and acceptable overpaint and solvent fastness. Because of its very high chroma, a broad range of shades including new color space can be formulated. It is recommended for general industrial, automotive OEM, and refin­ish coatings, where it shows a […]

C. I. Pigment Orange 71

C. I. Pigment Orange 71 is a very transparent orange with excellent heat stability and migration fastness in plastics applications like polyolefins, PP fibers, PVC, and some engineering plastics. In injection-molded HDPE it also allows for low warping formulations. Another grade with high tinctorial strength and chroma is being used for inks applications, both oil […]

C. I. Pigment Red 283

C. I. Pigment Red 283 is a new DPP development whose structure has not yet been disclosed. It is of a highly saturated yellowish shade red with very high trans­parency and excellent thermal stability. It has been mainly developed for plastics applications, such as HDPE, PP or PVC, where it leads to highly chromatic and […]

C. I. Pigment Red 272

C. I. Pigment Red 272 is a slightly yellowish shade red with high chroma, very good hiding power, and color strength. It offers good heat, light, and migration resistance in plastics like PVC and polyolefins including PP fibers. Injection — molded HDPE can be formulated warp free using this pigment. There are grades available which […]

C. I. Pigment Red 264

C. I. Pigment Red. 264 is a bluish shade DPP that is available both in a transparent and, recently, a highly hiding version. Its transparent grades show very high color strength, excellent durability, migration and solvent fastness as well as very high thermal stability. The pigment is being used in many different applications. It is […]

C. I. Pigment Red 255

C. I. Pigment Red 255 is a yellowish red DPP with excellent hiding power and out­door durability. It is used for automotive OEM, refinish, and general industrial paint applications including tinting applications and is recommended for lead — free formulations. Its solvent fastness is slightly inferior to P. R. 254. Further, P. R. 255 can […]