Pavement Markings

In the dark, 40% of roadway markings are poorly visible, while in dark and rainy conditions even the majority of markings cannot be seen. As a consequence, they will no longer serve their purpose, which is to route traffic. Pavement markings with high night-time visibility in rainy conditions definitely enhance road safety and should be used everywhere.

High-quality pavement markings are clearly visible, retain reflectivity even at night and in rainy conditions, and are nonslippery for their period of use. Durable, high — performance self-adhesive reflective pavement marking tapes are available that cope with virtually all conditions with regards to traffic needs, weather conditions and types of road.

Self-adhesive permanent marking tapes with high retroreflective values, nonslip­pery characteristics and a long life span are composed of glass beads or ceramic particles embedded in a firm polyurethane surface coating that covers an elastic rubber layer, as well as a PSA layer which is adapted to the pavement.

Temporary Markings At construction sites, when roads become narrow the drivers become stressed and must pay close attention to traffic signs and speed limits, to trucks nearby, and also to oncoming traffic which may be only a line’s width away. During daytime conditions this situation demands the utmost concentration and driving skills, but at night time and in rainy conditions it is even worse.

Pavement markings provide visual guidance and help drivers to stay in their lanes, guiding them clearly and safely through the dangerous construction site.

Poorly visible or missing lane lines are an important risk factor at construction sites, but this risk can be greatly reduced and even eliminated by using high-quality pavement markings (Figure 8.73).

Reflective, soft, aluminum-based, removable pavement marking tapes are clearly visible and suited for temporary marking at construction sites, deviations, parking lots, workshops, or for permanent marking. These tapes adjust to all types of unevenness and can be driven on immediately after application, as with all types of pavement markings.

Removable tapes with a rubber support layer and an embedded reinforcement network can be used for longer-lasting, temporary marking of construction sites and winter construction sites.

Pavement Markings

Figure 8.73 Application of removable pavement markings at a construction site.

New fluorescent yellow products provide excellent visibility during the daytime, nonslippery characteristics, and enhanced visibility at night, even under rainy conditions, to provide safe visual guidance.


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